May 16


Are you ready to fly high on the wings of happiness?

Can you find your own joy even when others around you suffer?



It is true that happiness can come from within but also the surrounding energy may influence our inner moods. Being in our own experience at the same time honoring the experiences of others without becoming part of the stories that we are not cast in can bring a freedom and enlightenment to our lives.


The mood of this day is happy and romantic..


The path ahead may get messy for those around you, avoid the mess and be the witness letting others clean up what will be spilled..


The heart is happy and filled with joy, blissful, and allowing of soaring in the sky. Trusting your guides and angels that they will guide you as you soar..


What’s hidden is that this is a good time to stop and take a look at what you have created enjoying the fruits of your labor even for a moment. Revel in your own brilliance and dance the dance of celebration..


In short, be in your own experience observing and honoring the experience of others. Acknowledge your own abilities and brilliance. Remembering this Polish Proverb..


Not My Circus

Not My Monkeys


Today’s Mantra offered with the light that shines on us this day;

 “I breathe deep celebrating my abilities; I witness the confusion around me with a clear head and an open Heart”


Dancing the happy dance



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