May 17


What does contemplation mean to you?

How will you invite contemplation into your weekend?


The weekend is time for rest and relaxation. It is also time to connect with others finding social events barbecues picnics even a simple walk in the park alone or with the ones we love. This weekend the energy is ripe and ready for connection and nurturing relationships with others and with ourselves..


How will you make the best of the offerings this weekend will bring?


Saturday may start with quiet solitary contemplation, falling into your own ideas and emotions. This energy can color your day if you allow but you may also choose to share your feelings and emotions with another thereby nurturing that relationship with transparency and trust. .

Sunday may bring into view the bigger picture. A passion for healthier food choices and what is right for the life you envision for yourself and your family. This is the time to co-create that vision and bring what you see to fruition..


I offer this nurturing mantra:

“I connect with myself, I connect with the earth, and I connect with the loved ones that surround me”


Finding space for nurturing contemplation



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