May 2


What is conscious evolution to you?

 What does your evolutionary path look like?


In our evolution, we are learning to honor diversity as we align with unity consciousness. As you know, the path has not been easy. We have faced our shadows again and again in order to see ourselves more clearly. Of course, we’ve learned that everyone around us is our mirror, helping us to see even more deeply into ourselves. Not all the work is arduous. We’ve also explored the golden shadow in those we admire or envy, for they show us the places where we are free to grow more deeply into our light..


Today we may fly more deeply into our light-filled expressions with the aid of our angels and spirit guides, heeding their wise counsel as we embrace their loving energies. We acknowledge our worthiness, in spite of mistakes made in the past, which are but life lessons in earth-school, and not to be taken so seriously. Each day, a new beginning…


Your mantra today, Beloveds:

“I celebrate the light of my BEing with each breath and moment today. I consciously choose my responses to all I encounter, allowing my wisdom and loving essence to shine and to expand.”


~ As we walk beside you, living the Beauty Way deeper each day

~ Denise & Dana


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