May 20

How will the sun shine upon you even as the day is cloudy and blue?

Where do you go when you want to find connection to the earth and your guides?


Today there may be joyous words and perhaps an ending or conclusion that brings happiness and regret. Feelings of passion that radiates from the earth may influence the day in ways inviting and inspiring. This brings a happiness and joy to your heart as the sun shines upon you even though control my not be something that you feel, joy is certainly at hand..

Even in a passive way today is yours to make what you wish of it, not with a heavy and or sharpened sword but with the joy and love that shines from inside of your heart. Nature calls even if the rain falls take a walk and don’t be afraid of the water and the wind enjoy the sensations..


A mantra for this day:

“Joy fills every  fiber of my being, I share this joy with every being that I meet”

Feeling the earth under my feet and the rain on my head



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