May 24

Do you feel memories of old or are you compelled to create memories anew?

Do traditions call to you?


Time with family and friends are what extended summer weekends are about. Remembering why we take this time away from the day to day is also important. Balancing all that this weekend offers as well as finding time and space to take care of yourself may prove to be a bit of a challenge..

If you had a day just to yourself how would you spend it?

This Memorial Day weekend will start out with temptation. The temptation to give in to the pleasures that this weekend offers: the food, fun, and perhaps more. This is the time to let go and let your spirit soar..

By the time the weekend winds down there will be energy of creation.  A new project may come into view. This project will require you to rally around the troops, teamwork to get it done, and cooperation to bring the dream to fruition.  Let you creativity flow remembering that there are no limits to what you wish in this moment..

In the back of your mind you may feel that there is something more coming, waiting for that may bring a bit of angst to your weekend. The answer you’ve been seeking is closer than you realize. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together in ways you may not have ever dreamt of..

I offer this sunny mantra for this weekend:

“I feel the sun lighting my way, hearing my friends laugh and play”

Celebrating and Remembering



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