May 29


Who is it that are you truly fighting with?

Does this conflict really serve you?

Conflict comes in many forms, the outward conflict with another that may lead to violence, or the InWord conflict with yourself that may lead to a deeper destruction..

Energy of this day may lend itself to conflict but there is a deeper meaning to this energy. Follow the path of nurturing letting your heart be playful and being aware of the times that you are cruel to yourself in your own head..

What is hidden is that this is the perfect time to seek out the help of a professional someone who may assist you with that project that you are struggling with.

What is yet to be revealed is what it that there is a debit owed to another, recognition for services rendered..


I offer this peaceful mantra for you today;

“Even in the adult world I find space and time for my own inner child. Today I play. Today I work. Today I live.”


Bouncing the ball off the wall