May 3


What influences you in this moment?

How do those influences feel for your body, mind, and soul?


Each day we consume; food, drink, air, energy, and much more that perhaps we are not even aware of. All of this that we take in influences us in ways seen and in ways unseen. We know to eat right and to stay hydrated but looking deeper.

Where do we spend time?

Who do we choose to be with?



Today is a good day to take stock and to let your heart rest, you have been seeing things from a new perspective and today listen to your heart as you find that quiet time to take stock of what is real and who you be in this moment..

If you choose to travel today take is slow, very slow. Being in a hurry for anything today will not serve you..

There is an energy of completion as this day unfolds, this is important and signals you to be aware of the new perspective that is before you..


A mantra for you to consume if you so choose:

“I eat today with great delight and appreciation. I drink to quench my thirst for rejuvenation. Freely I share my energy and openly I taste the energy that surrounds me”


~ Dana~


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