May 4


The cards used today are the Kuan Yin Oracle. Kuan Yin guides us to live in the harmony of love and compassion, love and compassion for ourselves as well as for others. She teaches us that we can all be a source of great light and healing if we choose the path of love that she guides us to..


Will you open to the flow this day will offer?

Listen to the music that your body and soul radiates, dance to the rhythm of your heart. The energy of this day starts with the flow of health, self-care and nurturing. Perhaps a walk in the park calls to you or sitting on the grass and reading a book. As this day progresses the energy of the night will lead to epiphanies and wise council in dream time, your guides and your angels will call to you and join you in your slumbering nocturnal travels..


In dreams

Light beings




What may be unseen today is that your tribe calls to you, be with them and with the energy of co-creation you may come that much closer to your highest potential. Be aware that there may be an attunement by fire involved in this journey to your highest potential, celebrate this attunement as this is a signal that you are on the path..

Offering this mantra inspired by the joy and love this life offers:

“I bask in the loving glow, she speaks to me of enlightenment, she shows me the completeness of my soul”


I honor the divine in you by offering the reflection of the divine in me

~ Dana~

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