May 6

 Today’s draw brings forth the energy of love and empowerment in relationships


Do you feel empowered in your relationships?

Do you feel open to being nurtured to a place of empowerment?


The energy of relationship is one of empowerment today, knowing what you want and looking at the compromises you feel are calling to achieve your goals. Today examine the compromises from a new angle; you deserve what calls to you today without conditions. Your clear headed emotions will give you the strength to ask for what you desire and your empowerment will draw that to you..


Do you feel that your empowerment takes energy from another?


The path you walk will lead you to a place of Celebration and joy..

What your heart wants you are empowered to call in..

Your head may argue what you are called to do but take a chance and you will not be disappointed for long..


Can another be empowered without you giving of your energy?


In quiet contemplation the depth of connection may be revealed and prove to be deeper than you know and may indeed grow deeper yet as each of you take your guards down. The empowerment you offer to each other will aid both of you in letting each other in..


Today a Mantra from the heart:

“I am strong in love; love allows my strength to grow. My beloved is strong in love; love allows my beloveds strength to grow”


Wiggly toes

~ Dana~

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