May 7


What is it that you long to say?

What words need to be spoken to clear the way?


Sharing your thoughts, needs and desires will open up room for more. Holding on to thoughts and feelings that no longer serve will only cloud your mind and judgment. Letting your thoughts, feelings, and desires be known to others as well as sharing your boundaries will point your way to a freedom that will fuel the soul..


Who will you save if not yourself?


Today is a good day, as are many other days, to speak your truth. Today, do not hesitate to speak your truth that you have been holding on and keeping in to “save” the feelings of another. Your truth is one to be honored and in honoring your truth you will honor the one you are keeping safe as well..


I speak this mantra for you today:

“My voice offers my truth as my ears hear yours”


With a deep hypnotic voice



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