ORACLE BLESSING for the week of June 2 to June 6

june 2

Are you listening to what your intuition is telling you?


This week opens to change energy. This is just the beginning of change so hold on..


As the week moves forward it is a good time to take a close look at the events being sure to examine at all aspects of what you are experiencing. This is the time to be inquisitive..


By the end of the week relationships call for attention. There may be a call to be the one who listen and lends support..


This week intuition will be strong; stop and listen to the wise council offered and take heed. If it feels right take notes, journal find the time to examine deeper what is offered..


You may not be happy with the authority that is held over you this week. Fighting that authority may not serve you but certainly this is a place to put up protection..


I offer you this mantra to start your week;

“My eyes are open to see

My ears are clear to hear

My mind is free to think

My body is ready to dance”


Wiggly toes


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