May 5


The cards today are the Trees Oracle. Trees have been on earth long before man and have proven to be most useful as building materials, food and to purify the air we breathe. Today we explore the deeper meaning found in trees with the help of this beautiful oracle deck..


The week starts with protection and support, freedom to breathe and relax; your friends have your back..

Mid-week energy calls to focus and be guided by the task at hand, distractions will not serve you as this week progresses..

By the End of the week it is to keep it simple, keep your thoughts and your intentions pure. Let the complications go as you start to look to the weekend..


What is Hidden is that the pressure of the week will teach you to bend with the wind and adapt to the changing environment, be supple and even as the wind tests your balance continue and stay upright..


What is to be revealed is that meditation and intuition will come into play, creative visualization will aid you in seeing the path that lies ahead..


I offer you this Mantra, inspired by dirt, rocks and mud, a celebration of the earth:

“I feel my roots planted deep into the earth, grounded and solid I start this week, more brilliant than the last”


Feet buried in the sand and my head in the clouds

~ Dana~

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