Oracle Blessing, May 9

Are you watching someone sacrifice what is important to them; for you?

Can you step back and see the bigger picture?

May 9 2015

I call on the Transformational Tarot this morning to glean insights on the weekend to come.

The cards speak of retrospection, and looking into our selfish nature. This is the time to look beyond our own perceived needs, and perhaps see how others are selflessly serving us. Perhaps it is for us to show gratitude, or perhaps it is for us to let them walk away and find what it is that calls to them.

Shadows will stand in the way of seeing this with clear vision. This is the challenge; to be able to step away from the shadows that cloud our sight. This is indeed an individual challenge and is very different for each of us.

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

~Napoleon Hill~

Ultimately the reward may be a more balanced life on the outside and a more pure soul on the inside.

I offer you this mantra as you start your weekend:

I offer gratitude to those who helped me be here

Singing with them in harmony

And humbled by their love

~Dana Nöllsch~