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Oracle Blessings, December 16

That one moment signaling great change is coming, are you ready?

December 16

Not unlike a very dull knife pushing in on that over-filled balloon, so much give-and-take, so much pressure until in an instant everything changes and the balloon pops never to be the same again. This does seem a bit overly dramatic, perhaps, but we have felt the change coming and we have felt the pressure building and now we may be ready for an intense shift. As fear is released and we passed through that karmic veil there will be a new sense of empowerment, peace, spiritual service, and humanity. Unfortunately not all will embrace this shift, and with that resistance there may be strife and conflict surrounding us. We are at choice to allow that conflict in or to observe and learn from it without being part of it.

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another

~Anatole France~

This is a sacred and important time, we may surround ourselves with love and the people who support our love based journey. Relationships will shift, and if the energy of those relationships is fading away, allow those relationships to fade away quietly. This is indeed a time of letting go, remember if what you let go of is meant to return all you need do is keep an open door and love in your heart.

Let go of that feeling that you must apologize for the things that you do not own.

There may be things happening around us that may test our resolve and challenge passing through this threshold. Passing through this karmic veil does not mean all peace and joy but it does mean seeing things in a deeper and more meaningful way, especially the things that we hold deep in our souls. There is no reason to hide your feelings; there is no reason to feel guilty for who you are, and how you feel, as long as you are honest to yourself as you pass through the karmic veil. Owning all that you have done, embracing all that you feel, and inviting all that will come.

Waiting for that balloon to burst I offer you this mantra:

I open to my feelings

Without need of apology

I own who I am

Allowing the balloon to burst

~Dana Nöllsch~