Oracle Blessings, December 2

When you hear the word death what emotions come to the surface?

december 2

Today I pulled one card from the Crowley Tarot deck, and that card was the death card. In this card the meaning is much deeper than the single word it describes. What comes to me when I see this card this morning is resistance of something that is meant to end or perhaps transition into a different way of being, but stubbornly holding on in a way that is drawing way too much energy. This blockage prevents what is meant to come into view from even being seen.

You are GOOD enough, SMART enough, FINE enough, and STRONG enough.  You don’t need other people to validate you; you’re already valuable..

As the transition and letting go is embraced there will be more room created for what is coming. This may be as simple as letting go of the anger that you feel to allow in the joy that is offered. If you look deeper into the cards you see that the leg bones create a gateway, showing a path to a new way of being perhaps. As you look upon that path you see the dancing figures beckoning you to ascend to a new way of being, and celebration.

Are you ready to let go of those chains that have held you back?

Can you make room in your heart for the joy that is being freely offered to you today?

Joining in the dance of transformation I offer you today’s mantra:

Letting go of the burden that I have held

Gathering energy to move forward

I clear the space in my heart

For the joy that is offered

~Dana Nöllsch~