Oracle Blessings , December 20

This morning I am using the Medicine Wheel Spread and the Vision Quest Tarot. Feeling the solstice energy and the new Moon coming this weekend I open to what the cards offer and listen to the whispers of the elders.

What is it that the earth will offer you today?

december 20

The earth freely offers much. This weekend as we celebrate the Winter Solstice perhaps we can offer her something back. Maybe what we can offer is appreciation and reverence as we celebrate the shortest day and the longest night.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love ~Hamilton Wright Mabi

The south beckons truth and honesty as the energy of the west wishes to be set free. This is the balance of the masculine and feminine this weekend and calls to us to open to our feminine side and celebrate the earth mother with reverence and honesty at the same time allowing our masculine side freedom to soar.

The ancestors wish to show us something, perhaps it is our inner strength that they wish us to see or maybe it is our creativity that they wish us to explore. Combining these two elements, strength and creativity, will showcase our talents in everything we do this weekend.

How does your strength fuel your creativity?

Don’t hesitate to allow your passion to shine over this weekend with your beloved. Sharing each other’s warmth over this long winter night, maybe this is just a way to show reverence to nature and honor the earth energies that offer us so much.

Thankful for the light and embracing the dark I offer this manta:

Balance comes for just a brief moment

Today I invite that moment

~Dana Nöllsch~