Oracle Blessings, December 4

Are you happy doing what you are doing?

Do you wish that you could make a change?

december 4

Indeed, these are big questions. It makes me wonder what it is that keeps us stuck in places that will not feed our soul purpose. Could it be that there are times when our ego is keeping us small? Can we step beyond the ego and let go of the disbelief that we are worthy; and move forward into where we belong?

There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living

~Nelson Mandela~

This morning the cards speak to us of taking the path of service and cooperation. Helping others to achieve what they desire and allowing others to come into our journeys; allowing cooperation for all of our success, strengthened by teamwork.

The heart is in a place of multitasking, so many things calling and needing attention. Take advantage of this time of personal growth to attend to the matters of the heart.

Purification calls in what we create with our hands. Is this a time for us to achieve that greater perfection in what we are building?

Our guardian angels and guides will be hard at work keeping our energy safe and allowing us to be in a place of great potential. Trusting that we are safe and held in the protective hands of our guides and angels today will indeed serve us well.

Are you willing to be happy and embrace a state of joy?

What is hidden today is the importance of friendship and the value of community. This may be the time to reconnect with someone who has drifted from our vision. As we reconnect; clarity will come on a subject that has been a bit bothersome. With this clarity will also come contentment and peace.

Embracing what I desire I offer you today’s mantra:

With my friends and my community

I am embracing my soul purpose

Protected I cleanse what it is that I have created

And open to the joy and peace found in this moment

~Dana Nöllsch~