Oracle Blessings, February 10

What is it that you know of manifestation?

February 10

We talk so much about manifesting our dreams, hopes, and desires. But what does manifestation really mean in the spiritual sense? I have found from my personal experience that manifestation can be very powerful and surprisingly so often times unexpected. The outcome meeting my desires on a broad sense, but perhaps just a little off on what I thought my intention truly was.

It is true our guides and angels  have a sense of humor?

When calling in our guides and angels to assist us in manifestation, we must always remember to keep that sense of humor ourselves when we realize the outcome. But even more than that what I have discovered is that manifestation often times brings me the tools to create what it is that I wish, but not directly bringing in what it is that I wish. I think the thing to remember is that manifesting most often times gives us the ability and tools to create what it is we believe we wish, but at the end of the day it is still up to us to create and to do the work.

Can you understand how much Well-Being is flowing to you?  Do you understand how much orchestration of circumstances and events on your behalf is available to you?  Do you understand how loved you are?  Do you understand how the creation of this planet, the creation of this Universe, fits together for the perfection of your experience?


Today is a day to play with manifestation. Take some time and discover what it is you wish to draw in, make intention to draw that in and perhaps even have a mantra to bring attention to what it is you desire. Pay attention during the day and see what opportunities show themselves that may lead to what it is you desire. This is certainly a great day to call in what it is that you wish and to see the surprising results.

With intention I offer you today’s mantra;

Asking for my desire

My guides listen

Seeing the opportunities

Knowing it is time to create

~Dana Nöllsch~