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april 11


What skills do you possess?

How have those skills impacted your life?

New projects bring challenges as well as bringing exhilaration. Finding the balance of the skills you possess and the places you wish to explore is the key to success and happiness as you step into this any new project..
The energy of this day lends itself to a new project and it is fairly certain one will be offered. Look close to see if the pieces fit. If the fit feels right and you are called to the challenge, growth and expansion will be at hand..

The path will soon offer a rite of passage of sorts, transition marked by exploration. Explore with an open heart and without expectation, look to the deeper truth of this transition..

Celebrating your skills I offer you this Mantra:
“Today the challenge is offered, my skills may be tested, I shall not be bested”

Dancing to the music, silent and rhythmic