Oracle Blessings for August 16

Do you feel the darkness of being
stuck in old patterns?

August 16

Bat medicine calls for a deeper change in how Life is lived. Often being stuck in old patterns brings shadow and darkness to where there could be light and joy.

Do you feel joy calling you out of the shadows?

Today is a good day to examine patterns, habits, and ways of being that may no longer serve. As what no longer serves is slowly replaced by that which  will bring in a deeper destiny and rebirth will be possible.

“Nothing remains as it was
Knowing this you can begin again
Finding joy in uprooting and replanting.”

– Dana Nölsch

Seeing without sight I offer you this mantra:

I let go of what no longer serves

As easy as I let go of my next breath

Breathing in new

Filling my soul with joy

Inviting my destiny