Oracle Blessings for August 30

Are you prepared for what will will be offered?

August 30

As we start this three-day weekend the elements may come into play. Our own personal safety is in our own hands. Enjoy the festivities offered but be aware of the dangers hidden there.

Our needs and our desires call us fourth, knowing when we have had enough and staying firmly grounded and connected to this earth that we walk on will bring more joy to our days. If traveling is for us this weekend we can be fully present in the challenges offered, perhaps this is a great opportunity for adventure and fun.

Can you see what the future hold for the gifts you keep in your heart?

Our guides and angels call out for recognition. This is a great time to find stillness and quiet; opening up to our guides and angels even if the messages received may seem unclear, open your heart to hear. Keep a cautious tongue not all that wishes to be said needs to be shared.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
― Walt Disney Company

There are hidden messages in dream-time. The question not even yet known color the adventures there, perhaps lucid dreaming calls to us.

 Have you walked hand in hand on the beach with a beloved far away as you slumbered and shared the night?

What is yet to be revealed are the gifts that we have been given, honor these gifts and allow them to protect us in times of need.

As I see the sun rising above the mountain tops I offer you this in the enlightening mantra:

I pay heed to my desires

Tasting the sweet flavors

Sharing space with my friends

Present in this time of relaxation

~Dana Nöllsch~