Oracle Blessings for March 10th

March 10


What is it you want in this life?

What have you done to achieve that goal?

What will you do today to bring that goal closer to your heart?

These are the big questions. Many of us do not have the answers and those answers are often very illusive. Write down your answers to these three questions, and then write down another answer to the same question, do this five times for each question and be ready to adjust what you thought your life would hold as your answers may open doors and new ways of thinking..

Be balanced as you walk your path today, you will have energy pushing and unseen hands pulling you testing your resolve. Look to your feminine energy to be steadfast in each step you take. Take notice of the feminine energy with you as you walk your path today as well, this energy offers a gift as long as you can pass the test..

I propose this mantra Beloveds: “As a tightrope walker I test each step I take today, finding balance before I pledge my weight”

With love and joy