March 12

What is the mask you wear?

How does that mask serve you today?

Blending in as one walks day to day life is a way to bring the perception of harmony, and indeed that harmony one feels may be true when one is looking for outward harmony. For inner harmony one can look to the true essence of one self and remove all masks to see what is true in the moment and who the person looking back, reflected in the mirror, is without masks..

The energy of this day may lead to a feeling of deeper presence, living in the moment. This way of being has the potential to bring a sense of tranquility and illuminating the conditioning of the group energy..


What did you dream of last night?

Was there something to be paid attention to in that dream?

The cards are showing that in that dream there are a messages and a gift as long as there is trust in the perception of what was dreamt..


I Offer these words as a mantra this day:

“In my sleep I dream, as I wake I trust. Each waking moment perfect and pure as each dream deep and rich”

With so much love


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