Have you felt as though your eyes have opened?
Is your heart crying for harmony?
Are you more aware of “The Truth” than before?

More and more of us are awakening from the illusion we have been living in. When one awakens to the stark reality it is often quite jarring and with that awakening there often comes enlightenment in the shadows. Looking deep into the mirror reflecting back at you is part of reaching for a life of higher vibration and connection to source as well as connection to one’s own soul..

The path today offers new ways of thinking that may bring new ways of living. These new ways of living offer harmony to one’s heart. How will you live with harmony replacing chaos? Will you miss the chaos in your life? There is a deeper truth found in achieving what it is one believes is the goal, acknowledging the truth of what brings vibrant energy to life..

What is hidden is the longing one feels for comfort and stability, so strong is this longing, being a part of this illusion that often there is an acceptance of less than what is deserved to serve the illusion of what is to be embraced. Letting go of the longing for comfort and stability will bring a deeper clarification of what is truly important in living in the higher vibrations the awakening offers..

I offer you this Mantra for this day: “Today I seek a deeper truth, the meaning to be held close to my heart. Today I celebrate the freedom in my soul by walking my path of awaking”

Your devoted attendant