What can you prove to be true?march 17

What do you feel to be true?

Is there a difference?


Science and intuition blending can lead to a deep understanding of more than you can ever imagine. Open your mind to test what is told to you, open your heart to feel what is offered to you, and open your soul to have faith in what you believe.


From above your guides and angels will speak with you today, your intuition may feel confused and untrustworthy and your voice shines bright as the spring sun. Listen to your guides and angels wise council but think twice before making important decisions or involve yourself in conflict, speak only of joy today.


From below distractions may keep you from grounding, creativity may elude you and reckless use of power is not a good idea today. Today is a good day for meditation and connecting to source consider spending time outdoors today to work toward balance.


The heart is the draw to passion and desire but without creativity the balance may lead to trouble and to the conflict you want to avoid.


You will find balance and a peaceful way of being with the waning moon energy this week and next. Focus energy flowing out during this time.


As the sun rises I offer this mantra of self-reflection:

“Seeing the good, I walk my path today. Feeling the joy, my steps are lively. Knowing my hearts desires, my path is clear”


With Joy and With Love