Oracle blessings for March 5th 2014

March 5

Are you feeling your empowerment?

What remains in the way of you living your ultimate Truth?

The Universe conspires to heal and whole your essence. Are you willing to embrace your own full-Spirit? Today is one for releasing your stories, or at least transmuting those that still cause you pain or discomfort. The treasures of your soul long to escape their captivity, to express fully in glory and grace. There’s nothing short of complete rebirth at stake here. Are you ready?

You may notice synchronicities today that serve as blessings and opportunities. Your spirit guides and angels serve you this day, as always, by letting you know how aligned you are with the flow of the Universe, and how deserving you are of a Golden Future.

Your mantra today, Delightful Soul Journeyers: “As I ready myself for what will be, I see the tapestry, a weave of where I came from, where I am, and where I am going ~ a weaver of wonder. I celebrate all that I BE.”

With endless adoration, Beloveds ~ Denise & Dana