March 6


Today’s “Oracle of Divination” is dedicated to all the wonderful e-Women who gathered at Christine, Ink at the Second Street Offices in Midtown last night. Thank you all for joining us for the party and thank you too for your entrepreneurial spirits that bring so much vibrancy to our community. And now for the reading…

What do you see at the cross roads?

How do your feet feel under you as you take the next step?

Are you the Hunter or the Nurturer?

In your life and business, you are at a choice point. The Hunter is fully prepared to play big, to earn the game, to celebrate victory. The Nurturer tends to the foundation, preparing the way for a burst of growth yet to be. Are you strong enough to build, to be bold, in this moment? Or if you apply boldness, might the tower of life come crumbling down upon you as you taste your wine? The answers you seek for your next step lie just within grasp right now, if you are prepared to enter stillness and to hear the quiet voice of consciousness.

Your mantra today, Beautiful Innovators: “Today I embrace stillness, honor my insight, and enjoy the divine dance of creation.”

With love and honoring ~ Denise & Dana