Oracle Blessings for September 11

Where does your sense of security truly come from?

Is that security tangible, and indeed real?

September 11

As we remember this day as an anniversary, knowing that fear and anger was forced into our hearts, we have the opportunity to rise above the pain and anguish we feel to reach new Heights of strength and vitality.

Always remembering, but letting go of the emotions that no longer serve, so that we may move forward freely without the weight of the past. This is what the root chakra offers today. Grounding with the earth and being one with the moment, knowing that this moment is truly a gift and should be enjoyed without hesitation or reservation.

When was the last time you embraced the sacred masculine that is such a part of your path?

Allowing in masculine influences today may offer peace to the mind, even when distractions abound. With this, what will be created today will truly be profound.

Are the patterns of your past repeating and holding you frozen in moments long faded?

Looking deeper today, one may see the choices made repeating themselves. This may be an opportunity for growth and understanding as long as the ego is checked at the door. Letting go of the judgments of the past will further serve the path to the future.


I offer this mantra today:

At this moment I remember

In this moment I live

Fully present in the now

~Dana Nöllsch~