Oracle Blessings for September 13

When was the last time you honored your own gifts?

September 13

It is true, we all are divine healers. The gift of healing is but one of the many gifts that we have received from our ancestors, guides, and the spirits that walk with us.

This is a time of healing. Relationships call for nurturing and kindness, even our relationships to our own hearts may call out for tending.

 What thoughts are running through your head?

Can we truly keep only good thoughts in our heads?

The simple answer is no, we have little influence over the first thoughts that happen in our own heads. This being said; influence we do have, even though it may not be much and at times may seem like there is no influence at all. For today, be aware of your own thoughts, honor them and if those thoughts do not serve your higher purpose feel free to put them away.

Do you remember when you were just a child?

Finding the balance of positive thoughts may bring one back to the innocence of childhood. This innocence is always with us, never truly leaving, but sometimes being pushed aside for what we perceive to be our path in the world around us. The innocence that dwells deep inside of us deserves to be honored, nurtured, and set free, and is a stronger influence in the path we walk than we realize.

“So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. “

~Gaston Bachelard~

Today, as you nurture your relationships and honor the thoughts in your own head take the time to play and invite your inner child out to dance and sing with wild abandon. You may indeed be surprised at what will happen next.

I share this mantra with you as I would my favorite toy:

The world is my playground

I see Joy everywhere that I look

Today I share this joy

With everyone who wishes to play