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Oracle Blessings for September 20

What is the fire that is burning in your soul?

september 20

Creativity abounds today. Allowing creativity to express itself in its many forms will feed the fires that burn deep in the soul. There is a Shadow side to creativity as well. This day the flames of judgment will not serve the greater good.

“Discovering the well of passionate creativity reveals an endless source of divine inspiration”

~Dana Nöllsch~

As you walk your path today remember some doors once opened will reveal on the other side things that will color your life from this day forward. This door may be offered to you today, but remember once opened this door may never be shut again.

Are you ready to be true to your own creative desires?

Embracing creativity this day may indeed color every day to come. This shift has been expected for some time, and the changes that come with it promise to be positive and telling, as long as one can fully accept the depth of what waits behind this door.

I offer this mantra as an adornment to your day:

I see clearly what is offered in front of me

Knowing that once gazed upon the beauty there will forever change my perceptions

The choice is mine

To stay or to see

~Dana Nöllsch~