Oracle Blessings for September 6

Are you in touch with your intuition?

September 6

This is a good time to open up even deeper to your intuition. Embrace those moments of altered state when your intuition rises to whisper to you. Surrender and relax, accept your ability and embrace the transformation that will come from the deeper intuitive states offered to you.

What is it that you know from your connection to the earth and your desires to play in the dirt?

There is power within your belly. The power to create the life you wish to live, today you may connect to your intuition and feel into what the perfect life in this moment looks like for you. As you see that perfect life feel what it feels like in your belly to be in a state of joy as you envision what you may create.

Have you felt the joy of connecting to your guides and angels lately?

As you allow connection to your guides and angels emotions within you may rise. At times this will bring shadow work, working in the places that you have set aside, and at times you will play in the light. This is a time to play in the light, but also in allowing what may at this moment make no sense, knowing eventually the true meaning will be shown to you.

Are you hiding from the emotions your heart shines upon you?

Expressing your own truth at times can be very difficult. Push yourself beyond those boundaries that you have created, by allowing yourself to hear your words and accepting the truth and the emotions in your heart is showing you.

“We all have spiritual DNA; wisdom and truth are part of our genetic structure even if we don’t always access it”

~Lama Surya Das~

The direction you are going may not be clear at this moment, but trust in your feet as you walk.
As you do all of this, connecting to your spirit guides and intuition, opening to your heart energies in the truth behind the emotions you feel, The magic of being a pure soul basking in the light may indeed become a part of your day.

As I feel in to this altered state of intuition and connection I offer you this mantra:
The earth shows me the truth
My heart emotional and free
I open to the bigger picture
And allow reality to shift
~Dana Nöllsch~