ORACLE BLESSINGS for the Week of April 14 through 18

April 14

 When was the last time you got carried away?

How do you know what you don’t know?


The week starts with flights of fancy.. Maintain your balance and you will be rewarded, resist letting things get carried away.



Midweek you may feel in rhythm with others.. Patience is needed to get here; the feelings of being tested may prevail. Calmness will win the day.


End of the week secrets will be revealed.. The surprise is that there is common interest where conflict was assumed. Look deeper into the possibility of teamwork for a common goal.


What is hidden is an attraction; someone is looking at you but be forewarned there may be danger. Are they seeing themselves as a reflection of you?


What will be revealed are the masks worn for the feeling of acceptance. Look at this from a different perspective and you may be surprised at what you will discover.


A Mantra for you to start your week

“Today I begin a journey, placing one foot in front of the other. The twists and turns offered will bring smiles and the challenges promise joy”


Happy Happy Monday