Oracle Blessings, January 10

As we start this weekend, take a moment and look deep into the mirror that reveals the reflection of your true self.

What is it that you see reflected back?

January 10

Combining the willingness to shift and change with the openness of non-judgment will bring a deeper focus to that reflection you see in the mirror.

Are you willing to see your own shadows reflected in the clarity of the mirror that you gaze into?

We speak of the shadows quite often, and as we reflect deeply in our own quiet space the opportunity for transmutation in the reflection will become apparent. This will not be the easy path, but the rewards of self-discovery cannot be ignored.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

As the shadows come into view I offer you this mantra:

I gaze into the refection

Inviting clear vision

Without judgment

Blessings of Joy

~Dana Nöllsch~