Oracle Blessings, January 26

Are you searching for that safe place to create?

January 26

In this morning’s tarot draw we find lots of fire energy, creation, passion and perhaps even a little destruction. The Jaguar appears to offer protection and strength. The opportunities that will be offered in the week to come will bring that safe place for creation and perhaps more importantly for destruction as well.

As the path is laid out in front of you this week, you will see opportunities to show your resolve; this may be a place that will test your strength.

If you allow your heart to open to a new passions you may see what it is you are creating taking on a new way of being.

What you will create with your hands will offer the gift of light for your next creation.

As you listen to the words rolling around in your head you will feel so much desire and passion, let that desire and passion be the fuel for your creation.

All of this being said; this shows us that the fire and passion will fuel the creation, but what about the destruction? Some say that for one to create on such a high vibrant level one must destroy in equal amounts.

Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transforming.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

~Ferdinand Foch~

This week search out for what it is that calls to be destroyed, that is a heavy word bringing visions of violence but it does not have to be violent. This is the energy of fire, of allowing what no longer serves to be transformed into another state, bringing in space for what is new.

What is it that brings you to a state of polarity?

This feeling may make an appearance this week as you create. Asking yourself that nagging question; “what side of me do I allow to take the lead?

Feeling the fire that surrounds me I offer today’s mantra:

The fire burns my ambition clean

Ashes all that remain

Now I see my heart’s desire

And the blank canvas for my paint

~Dana Nöllsch~


One response to “Oracle Blessings, January 26”

  1. Susan

    The desire to burn threw what does not serve me, to create a new reality and emerge from the ashes a new and transformed being. My hearts desire; to be a service to myself.