Oracle Blessings, January 31

Today we are using a Shamanic Wheel spread.

Are you ready to travel over a great distance to come to that place where destiny calls you?

January 31

Feel the Divine Feminine that radiates outward from deep inside of your soul. These outward waves of internal spirit beckon you to ride and travel with them; this is indeed a time of discovery but perhaps not always a comfortable discovery.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore
~André Gide~

As your own Divine Feminine comes to light; remember to always embrace the higher good. In the moment it may seem uncomfortable and perhaps impractical, but know that if you follow your guidance you will reach that place of embracing that higher good is calling to you.

As we all are a balance of the Divine Feminine; embrace the Sacred Masculine today and see the strength of the Sacred Masculine aiding us in riding those waves of inspiration the Divine Feminine provide.

As we walk to the south our ancestors whisper wise counsel and show us visions, as we embrace the self-reflection, we will be offered intuition much the same as our ancestors have been.

The light shines on us this morning from the west and as we gaze into the Seers stone we are given a glimpse of what it is that we are creating, and if we listen to her wise counsel we may be shown the ways of nurturing our creations.

What does all this mean?

The feminine energies are very powerful this weekend, not only the energy of the women that surrounds you but also the feminine energy that is within you. Embracing this and listening to the wise counsel from our angels and guides will enlighten us to what may be created. The strength of the sacred masculine will aid in this endeavor, so the balance should be sought after as well. This is indeed a great time for quiet meditation embracing our masculine and feminine and allowing those ideas of creation and nurturing into our hearts. If you feel compelled to redecorate, or build a birdhouse, or even make some shifts and changes in a relationship now is a good time to bring those ideas to your heart and see if they feel right and comfortable.

As I ride the waves of Divine Feminine, this morning I offer you this mantra:

I rise and greet today acknowledging the goddess shining her light on my path

Envisioning creativity as I step forward

Embracing the masculine as I create

Feeling the balance that brings nurturing and joy

~Dana Nöllsch~