Oracle Blessings, May 17

Has your loyalty been tested?

Have you seen an example of loyalty to the bitter end?

May 17 2014

This morning I am using two Oracle decks and asked the question; what will next week offer?  The decks I use are the Medicine Cards and the Tao Oracle.

The question of loyalty comes up in the cards.

How have you been loyal to your friends?

Do you expect loyalty from your friends?

This does not mean being subservient or passive, perhaps there’s a situation where you feel the need to speak up and set them on the right track. This could even be referring to your loyalty to yourself as well.

Friendship gives us the strength to turn from lambs into lions
~Stephen Richards~

The path to achieving this deeper sense of loyalty is simply being a good friend. Friendship is rarely something that is felt immediately in the heart; there is a building of trust and honoring that grows with time. And with all deep and lasting friendships there will be compromise, a give-and-take that serves everyone involved; even if in the moment there may be conflict. A true friendship builds strength and character for all.

In the week to come honor your friendships, be true and loyal, and hold the ones that you love dearly to your heart.

With this opening of loyalty and seeing the true meaning of friendship, you will discover where there is damage in the relationships that you all dearly. This will be an opportunity to clear the air and embrace understanding of one another.

In the week to come explore these principles of friendship and communication, and with that a deeper understanding of loyalty will fill your heart.

My friends I offer you this mantra:

Honoring my friends

Transparent and honest

I offer my hand in support

And my ear to listen

~Dana Nöllsch~