Oracle Blessings, November 18

This morning I choose the Oracle of the Dragonfae as the cards to offer enlightenment. As the sun rises I offer you these wise words.


Have you felt courageous?

Is courage what you seek?

November 18

As the veils have been lifting, and many of us have been seeing things in a different light, it has become very apparent that this new vision takes courage. Today will offer much enlightenment, as long as we stay quiet and observe what is offered to us. Seeing without the filters and veils is truly a great gift that is offered, and certainly not an easy gift to accept.

“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”
~William Gibson~

In silence the veils will lift and much will be seen. This is a time for your own personal awakening. For today, just be with what is offered, there is no need to share the adventure today and there is no need to make sense of it at this moment. All will be clear in time my friends.

Seeing clearly I offer you today’s mantra:

In front of me I see the veils lifting

As the curtains do when the performance starts

Today I am the audience enjoying the performance

Perhaps tomorrow a performer

~Dana Nöllsch~