Oracle Blessings, November 20

What is it that has brought you to where you are right now?

November 20

If you look deeper into the lessons that you have been offered you may see how what seemed like the negative challenges at the time were actually part of a bigger picture to bring you to the point you are right now. And with this, remember that the challenges that you are offered at this moment are also meant to lead you to a place of discovery, knowledge, and indeed amazement. This is also to tell us to acknowledge the positive in your situation and not to dwell on the negative.

When you get older, you learn certain life lessons. You apply that wisdom, and suddenly you say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a new lease on this thing. So let’s go.’

~Robert Redford~

Today will offer a time of success. Remember, just because it is offered does not mean you need to accept this success. It is important today to remember the lessons of the past and know that you are at choice and accepting what is offered.

I offer you this mantra my friends:

What I have done

I remember

What I am doing

I do fully

What I will do

Will be amazing

~Dana Nöllsch~