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Oracle Blessings, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

November 27b

Before I do today’s reading I thought I would talk a little bit about Turkey. Many native peoples refer to Turkey as a Give-Away Eagle. I see the deeper meaning of Turkey today in our lives as being open to giving freely with all who enter your life today, as well as being open to the gifts that they offer. This is about celebration of the people in our lives, not only the ones that share our table today, but the ones that may be far away. With so love in my heart for all of you I offered today’s reading.


Do you feel strongly about what it is that you are creating?

Can you stay on task as all the things around you seem to change?

November 27

Spider tells us the web we are weaving is strong, and what we are creating is worthy. Kuan Yin whispers for us to stay true to what we have started.

Do you feel confident in what it is that you are creating?

The path ahead promises to offer inspiration. It is time to let inspiration fuel your fire.

How does inspiration show up in your life?

Bat visits your heart today, this is to let you know that it is time to let go. This is more about a habit that your heart calls out for, but this habit does not serve your needs, and should be looked at, and perhaps let go of.

Are you ready for your heart to be free and unencumbered?

With your hands you are building more than just the future of your own life. Remember the calluses on your hands come from building a life in cooperation with family, friends, Partners, and even lovers.

Are you willing to allow others to help with the heavy lifting?

Mouse visits our heads today. This reminds us to look closely at all the things around us, be aware of the little details and acknowledge their importance.

Are you ready to open your eyes and truly see even the smallest of things in front of you?

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

What is hidden is the importance of your dreams. The dreams that you have been having are leading you to self-reflection and perhaps even epiphany about whom you are in this moment on a deeper level. If you allow yourself the time and space for deep reflection on those dreams and feel into your own rhythms regarding them all will be made clear.

As the spider in the cards today weaving a tale of enlightenment and wonder I offer you today’s mantra:

I create an amazing tapestry

Beautiful and vibrant

Allowing others to join in

Knowing the life that we create is brilliant and true

~Dana Nöllsch~