Oracle Blessings, November 29

What is it that is influencing you?

Have you felt the desire to take back your own power?

november 29

Society influences and pulls us in certain directions, there are times that these directions just do not feel right for us. In these times courage and bravery to step away from the norm is what is offered. This weekend offers the opportunity to step away and follow your own path. Resist homogenization and assimilation, our individuality calls to us.

“When you become free of social conditioning, when you become free in the mental environment, when you become liberated from the shadows of your own past, you can demonstrate a spontaneity and an enthusiasm in life that are remarkably refreshing to others.”

~Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training~

This morning as I listen to the rain hitting the roof the cards tell us a tale of passion, desire, and abundance. Emotions will run free and passion will be offered in copious amounts. Take a chance when passion is offered, step out of your box and play in a new way. Physically; keep track of your energy, do not overspend and be aware of your own physical limitations.

Passion is the catalyst for expansion, expansion is the catalyst for enlightenment, enlightenment is the catalyst for passion..

You may find your connection to source, your guides and angels, strong and peaceful. This is a good time to find a moment or two of quiet solitude, connecting with your guides and allowing them to whisper wise counsel in your ear.

All of this will bring a day of great pleasure, and joy, as long as you allow it to be so.

Enjoying the sounds of the rain, I offer you today’s mantra:

I feel myself powerful

I know my emotions dynamic

I see what is offered abundance

I live my life joyful

~Dana Nöllsch~