Oracle Blessings, November 8

What are you excited for today?

November 8

There are times when something comes into our life that is exhilarating and exciting. Being fully present in this experience will bring much more joy. Honoring the gifts offered will indeed invite more gifts to come.

If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.

Norman Vincent Peale

Today offers excitement, also peace and tranquility in a safe place. This is a good time to let it all hang out, let the experience take you away knowing that this is a safe place to be free and to be who you truly are in this moment. Cast caution to the wind and know that you are protected today.

I offer you today’s mantra, ripened on the vine and ready to eat:

Excitement carries me away

Feeling free to be me

Expressing from my heart center

I share my joy enthusiastically

~Dana Nöllsch~