Oracle Blessings, October 11

Have you felt the nurturing rhythm in the unions that you keep?

October 11

The light that shines from above reveals that this has been a dark time in the relationship with your beloved. This light also reveals that the ease of blending and balance may be on the way, albeit perhaps just for a moment or two. There is a bigger picture to what you feel, see, and experience a rhythm that is as strong as the changing of the seasons. For now, in this time listen closely to your own words, your feelings, your desires, and your emotions. Keep these discoveries in your heart, for now they are not to be shared, but understood by you, there will be a time to openly share with your beloved and you will know when the time is right, when the sun shines its warming rays upon your sacred union.

“Life is a ritual of love
Life is a ritual of union, and
Life is a dance of the divine”
~Vishwas Chavan~

The earth below our feet reminds us of the rhythms and cycles in nature and in ourselves. Indeed, there is a great time of abundance and joy coming our way, fulfilling all of our needs and many of our desires. Know that these rhythms are ever-changing feast in this moment, but the next moment will surely shift.

Have you seen the changing seasons in your relationship?

How have these changes brought joy and balance into your relationship?

At this moment there is a warning; do not fight against these rhythms that you feel. Nature is very powerful; one cannot keep the winter from arriving, and one cannot keep conflict from relationship. These times of hardship and conflict do serve a purpose and if not fully embraced balance will be lost.

How has conflict served your relationships in the past?

What has yet to be revealed is a great adventure waiting on your doorstep, one that perhaps you could never have predicted.

This morning I offer you this ever-changing mantra:

I dance with my partner to the music of the moment

I revel in the changing rhythm of the next

~Dana Nöllsch~