Oracle Blessings, October 24

Have you gone deep to find what lies beneath?

October 24
As the moon energy shifts from waning to waxing there is also a shift in us; from releasing to opening. Today the weasel tells us to look deeper, use our keen hearing to hear the whispers low on soft, and to use our keen eyesight to see deeper into what we may have just glanced at before.

“The more boundless your vision, the more real you are.”
~Deepak Chopra~

As clarity is offered today a trance-like state may be achieved, this is nothing to fear but it is to embrace, allowing the deeper trance and offering the understanding of truth.

Have you heeded the lessons of pure truth?

This day may not be easy, going deep will bring shadows to the surface as well. This is all as it should be, embracing the growth of the waxing moon.

This mantra is offered by the dark of the Moon:
As I have let go
Clearing space for more
Knowing that this time was coming
Allowing an open door
Seeing what is hidden deep
And hearing whispers soft
Perhaps at shadows that I seek
Hidden in the deep
~Dana Nöllsch~