Oracle Blessings, October 25

Can you hear the call to freedom of expression this day?

Have you felt that freedom before?

October 25

It is in our divine nature to be wild and free, allowing passions to overwhelm us and play to take us. This is an important part of the balance is sought. Without this balance we slow down, stagnant, and lose our creativity.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

 ~Mary Lou Cook~

In this time of the waxing moon, there is offered the opportunity to embrace much growth, this growth is more energetic and spiritual. There is also wise counsel offered in the heart, as creativity may come easily. Indeed embracing freedom in thoughts, desires, and passions will serve well today and in many days to come.

Even though the energies that are offered in this moment are very self-oriented, there is much room for compassion and kindness to others. This is a place to explore, and as you explore this; revelations may arise about your own journey as well.

As eyes open fully beauty is offered. It is for the beholder to truly see the reflection of who they be.

With passion and desire high offer this mantra:

I am beauty

I am passion

I am love

And I am so much more

~Dana Nöllsch~