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Oracle Blessings, October 3

Diane is today’s guest reader.

What do you feel as you read today message?


october 3

Oh Ah Oh feel that tingling in my toes… creeping up into my limbs till my brain freezes. Such tantalizing delights with all the ability to engage at my finger tips. The message for the day is one of grace, strength and love. Good decisions are being made even if there is a struggle that has to be engaged in, victory is gained after. Surely the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed since any legal decisions are ruled in your favor. Even if Merucry is going retrograde tomorrow and usually is a time not to sign any papers, for today all is right in the world. Do pay attention though that is part of having all the tools necessary to move forth.

Contracts of various forms are a keynote for the day so verbal, nonverbal, implied or actual paper contracts, decisions are being made that are moving you away from difficulties into calmer situations. Feel your breath reengaging with your body as the rhythm takes on a smoother cadence. Oh Ah Oh…. grace and love.