Oracle Blessings, October 4

Have you felt the shift in your own passions and in your desires?

October 4

Today the cards talk of passion, the shifting of the season’s influencing the shifting in our passions, and inviting that passionate creation of love.

The path we walk in this moment is very powerful; channeling that powerful, passionate energy into what is worthy and good may require a conscious choice. At this time make sure that nothing is by pure chance, there will be a time to go with the flow, but for now move the chess pieces on your board precisely.

Control your own destiny or someone else will.

Jack Welch

The heart energy is all about being in control. With two Kings ruling the heart there is much opportunity to take back the control and influence that may have felt lost, also creating space for new or renewed love that may blossom and grow into Beauty beyond measure.

Are you ready to embrace a place of pure passion and love?

All of this calls for intellect, intelligent intentional choices bringing in what is truly desired, not just what is offered in the moment but what may serve in the long run.

I offer this mantra from my heart, from my soul, and from my mind:

I see clearly what is offered

Creating what I desire

With joy I live today

Knowing that love is on the way

~Dana Nöllsch~