Oracle Blessings, October 9

 When was the last time you explored boundaries without boundaries?

October 9

Our guides and angels will surely be with us today. You may find yourself connected with them in a place of nature, this may invite you to remove your mask and allow your authentic words to flow. Journaling and writing is what calls to you in this place so be prepared to bring a notebook and pen and spend some time connected with your guides and nature.

Our boundaries are free flowing; some always within view but others serve us for but a moment then shift.

In this place of connection as you ground with the earth, you are free to explore the concept of boundaries and what they may mean to you in this moment and the moments to come. You are free to explore outside of the conventions that you have been taught in this place of exploration and wonderment. There are no limitations put on your ideas, explore with freedom and joy.

There will be a freedom in your writing and your exploration that may bring about an epiphany or two? Even though this time is for you to enjoy and for you to invite growth, some of what you discover may be to share with others.

In this place of free-flowing ideas I offer you this mantra:

I feel the earth between my toes

My guides and angels are with me

There is a flow-fullness of my day

That offers brilliance in my words

~Dana Nöllsch~