Oracle Love Blessing for July 13

July 13

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you think of love and you close your eyes what do you see?

When you gaze upon love and close your eyes what is it that you think?

Open your eyes to see what is been inside of you all this time. The awakening of love may not come from outside influences but the awakening of love may come from inside of your hearts. As your heart awakens your heart beckons the love that you desire to come into your life..


The trials that your life path has taken you through have brought you to this point. All that you’ve learned and all that you’ve experienced will color the next steps you take as you walk your path.

Balance and synchronicity will serve your heart well. Any relationship that feels unbalanced may need to be looked at and reevaluated.

The longing that you feel for a new beginning may cause your head to spin out of control. The energy of what is to come is quite intoxicating..


All of this brings us to the week to come. The energy will certainly be right for introspection and the heart may be open for new energies. As your heart opens that energy will call in what you desire. It may be a good idea to know your desires; this is where the introspection comes in. Know what you want or take what you get..


What does it look like to have a heart that is open and full of promise?


What is hidden is the energy of family and the desire for family energy. This is a good time to make plans on starting a family that you see in your dreams..


What has yet to be revealed are the distractions that are keeping you from what it is that you desire. What is done is done, let it go, it is now time to move forward and except the new gifts that are offered to you freely..


With love and joy I offer you this mantra;


“I awaken to the desires in my heart

I open the love that is offered”




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