Oracle Love Blessing for July 20

july 20


What is it that you are nurturing?

Do you have a definition of “nurturing”?


Today the lovers Path tarot cards speak of nurturing and transformation.


Look to where your love energy is going today; is there a balance between giving and receiving?


“We all need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.”


Transformation calls to you, the challenge of this time may in fact be the pursuit of joy. There is a balance that begs to be fulfilled. The balance of nurturing and being nurtured but also looking to the future for the balance that calls to you. Communication and planning will open the doors for success and prosperity.


Nurturing relationships, free and open communication with your beloveds may open the doors to abundance, drawing in the harmony of pure joy.


I propose this mantra with a free and unencumbered voice;


“I speak my truth

Sharing my thoughts

Of a joyous tomorrow”


Balanced as I dance in the rain



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