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july 6

Does the idea of love enchant you?

Do you believe that love is an illusion?

This is a great time to look beyond what is perceived, one may discover that love is much more than you ever would’ve imagined. When love is at the root of all and passion colors life with brilliant hues then the depth of life may be discovered..


Are you ready to discover the depths offered in living love?

The path to love is calling in the brilliant feminine energies.

The heart is longing for balance.

The head is full of childhood memories.


What do balanced relationships look like?

Balance is ever changing and shifting the perceived reality, the yin and yang dance, within and without, plays wonderful music indeed..

Pay attention to the balance in your current relationships, this is a place that may bring brilliance or tragedy. What I see is clear communication, both giving and receiving, is key to understanding what balance looks like to the beloveds in your life..


What is hidden is how quickly things can happen.

What has yet to be revealed is the openness that is coming your way.


If you are open to love you may find things happening quickly between you and your beloveds. This may not be the place to look to traditional roles in relationship, the energy is right to create the perfect balance between you and your beloveds without the dogma that has held you back in the past..


I offer this Mantra from my heart:


“I am Yin I am Yang

  Balanced in this moment

  Love finds balance

  With passion and joy”